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" What an experience, life changing sounds very strong but what I got from the session will certainly change my life. I am looking forward to delving deeper into the Wim Hof method and further courses that Terry is doing. Everyone should be doing this! Terry was professional and thorough throughout the day and it felt safe and well organised.

From the heart I can’t thank Terry and family enough for sharing this journey with me."


" Terry was a great instructor. He made everyone feel at ease and welcome and created a safe space for the group to interact and throw themselves into the Wim Hoff event. 

Also I have to say the breathing exercise induced a level of calm/ meditation that I have not experienced before and the ice bath was actually fun under Terry instruction."


" Terry has a wonderful calm and welcoming energy about him. He delivered the whole day with the deepest integrity and intention and was so clear in his teaching methods and instruction.

Because Terry facilitated us as a group to feel psychologically safe very quickly, we shared smiles, laughter, and were able to be open and supportive of each other. 

We had an unforgettable experience together and I am still smiling. Amazing, thank you!"


" Terry's delivery of the course was spot on, putting everyone at ease and talking through any anxieties anyone had.

His enthusiasm for the WHM shone through and was contagious.

I'd recommend the course to anyone who is interested in their well being or even remotely curious or even sceptical, this is a powerful tool to have in your tool bag.

I attended the course with an open mind and came away a convert. "


More coming ....!

" Terry was a warm, open and calming person. I have been practicing WHM breathing and cold swimming on and off for a few years and came away with new knowledge and having had a fantastic day. Terry supported everyone individually and the energy at the end of the day was fantastic. Adding to the day was the support of Terrys family - lovely touches with the drinks and food.

I have been telling everyone since I did the course to book on! - even if you have knowledge of WHM, being guided through the exercises gives greater insight into the method. "



" All in all this was a fantastic day and I enjoyed meeting some fantastic people. The location was great, the program was great and Terry (with the help of his delightful wife and daughter) made us all feel very welcome and looked after us superbly well. Terry brought the day to life with his infectious and deeply heartfelt enthusiasm.

 It was a pleasure and an honour to meet him and his lovely family and I recommend his sessions wholeheartedly to anyone who might be wondering whether something like this is worthwhile. Thank you, Terry ."


" Terry was awesome and made everyone feel at ease. He had great knowledge and guidance during the day and it was great to hear about his own experiences. Terry was non-judgemental about other people's reason for doing the course and was open about how he came to be an instructor and what inspired him.

Top class day, would definitely do it again, providing it was Terry taking the group ."


" Terry was fantastic, his knowledge of the method and science behind it was fascinating and helped to explain the benefit of this method and what could be achieved. He was very personable sharing his own experiences to help explain the process and the potential that can be achieved.

Would highly recommend the session and Terry to experience this with ."


"  This course is amazing, opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. The skills you learn can really help with the stresses of ever day life, or even to enjoy being in the moment of the good times.

 I highly recommend this course especially because of the instructor who is with you ever step of the way and a great person to be around thank you so much for a great experience..

John, Lydia

"  Wow! What an amazingly powerful, moving and spiritual experience! Terry (and family) was extremely informative, knowledgable and led a deeply influential day. My life has changed, forever!

The way Terry engaged with the group was just amazing. His calm reassured manner, coupled with his own personal insights made the whole experience personal and you knew you were in expert hands. He immediately puts you at ease (we all know what's coming), and the way he structured the day was perfect.

Hearing Terry's own experiences and then meeting his family and hearing theirs, enriched the whole experience, enabling you to empathise and see the true benefits of the WHM if adopted as part of your lifestyle. Put it this way, we've already ordered our barrel.

Thank you Terry and family - this was a pivotable moment in my spiritual journey. I do hope our paths cross again and look forward to future sessions and with interest, for any more advanced WHM sessions you may lead in the future.

1 day - it will change your life!."


"  I have just completed a WHM Fundamentals course with Terry, having seen Terry speak on an event put together for a course I was doing. 

Terry's energy is fantastic and he lives his teachings, which I found inspiring. His course is straightforward, practical and an excellent entry point for anyone wanting to find out more about Wim's method. 

Terry made efforts to bond the group when we arrived and that energy and bond I believe fed into the feeling I was among friends. There is something about the group dynamic that is special- many of us had very profound experiences during the breathing that we will remember for life. I felt it unlocked something in me that I will now go on to explore. 

Terry's family support him with his work, and his wife made us a delicious home cooked lunch, while his daughter helped organise aspects of the work we did. Simple. Transformational. Strongly recommended. 

Thank you Terry, I feel honoured to have spent time with you, your family and the group! "


"  What an amazing experience! Terry is a brilliant instructor and I could see he is truly committed to the teachings of the WHM. I’ve been following and practising the WHM for a while but I wanted to learn more that wasn’t via a video or text book. 

This fundamental course was IT! Terry was able to communicate all aspects of the WHM, including the science behind it with ease. 

One particular part of the course that I wanted to experience was the breathwork as a group. Terry’s delivery of this was exceptional, he was calm, clear and helpful throughout the exercise which allowed me to have profound experience which I will never forget.

 I came away wanting to learn even more and with a drive to continue my own practise of the WHM more regularly.

Thank you Terry, and his family for exceeding my expectations. See you on the Sunday morning session ."


" It was an absolute pleasure working with Terry yesterday. What a wonderfully passionate man who truly believes in what he is doing.

It was a fantastic experience, not only the content of the learning but spending the day with Terry and his family, who by the way truly believe in him.

We will definitely be back, thank you, Gail."


"  Wow what a fantastic expericence and venue! Terry and his family are an absolute delight and such a credit to the WHM. 

Whether you are completely new to the method or have some experience in breathwork and cold exposure, everyone can learn and grow personally by attending this course.

 Terry is a fantastic instructor, and his natural and honest teaching style allows for a very relaxed, yet informative and truly inspirational learning experience.

 I felt totally safe at all times and this is perhaps most relevant when completing the ice bath. Terry's calm and reassuring presence allowed me to do something I never thought possible, so thank you Terry ! I'm enjoying my cold showers and hope one day to reach the 2 minute icebath!! looking forward to working with you again on the sunday morning breathwork sessions."


"  What an amazing inspiring experience! I did the Wim Hof workshop with Terry last weekend.

The location was beautiful and Terry and his family made everyone feel so welcome. Terry is a brilliant teacher, his heartfelt enthusiasm and calm reassurance created a sense of connection between the group.

 I learned powerful life changing techniques that totally exceeded my expectations! I now feel equipped and excited to learn more. It was such an enjoyable day, I feel I've made new lifelong friends with good memories that will stay with me forever.

 I highly recommend this workshop."


" What an amazing experience! Spending the day with Terry and the rest of the attendees was empowering and inspiring.

Terry took great care to ensure understanding at all points of the day, supporting and encouraging, holding space for realisations and awareness. 

We were also wonderfully looked after with lunch by his lovely family and the intimate environment of the day encouraged relaxing into the energy and focus of breath, mindset and cold. 

It was great to hear about Terry's experiences and his support and guidance during the ice bath immersion was exactly what was needed.

 Thank YOU Terry "