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terry mellors




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Why Breathe Online




More of us are now familiar with online working and communicating. Zoom has made the world smaller. When I started The Breathing Effect It was a priority to offer Online Breath sessions, having experienced them first hand myself.

I learnt that it is a powerful way to help people experience this amazing work without leaving home, yet still feel part of a like minded community. 

My Online guided breathwork sessions are held once a week to help you develop your breathing practice not only with vocal guidance  supported by carefully chosen music, but whilst feeling connected to something bigger.

Your first Sunday session is Free. So come see what it's about and take a journey into yourself. You can even stay in bed!!

"The fix is easy: breathe less. But that's harder than it sounds. 

We've become conditioned to breathe too much, just as we've been conditioned to eat too much, with some effort and training, however, breathing less can become an unconscious habit "

                                                                  James Nestor